Why We Switched to Wordfence Premium

Website security is an integral part of Olibro’s Managed WordPress plans. Until last month, we used both the basic (no cost to Olibro) and Premium ($99) plans to secure our clients’ sites. Given the importance of site security, we decided to upgrade all our websites to Wordfence Premium to protect their sites against brute force attacks, among other breaches.

Wordfence firewall runs on the server where WordPress is installed. As such, it is an “endpoint” firewall. There is an excellent article on their website called Why Choose An Endpoint Firewall Like Wordfence worth reading.

Wordfence is only one part of our security strategy. Other elements are having an SSL certificate and running a server firewall. Most importantly, it is monitoring these sites once attempts are made to break in. This happens often, and Wordfence takes care of most attacks. It also informs us when they happen. That’s when our support team reviews the attack and decides what to do.

With Wordfence Premium and Olibro’s support team, you’re in good hands!