Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery


Dr. Cat Begovic is a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Los Angeles and is considered as one of the top Beverly Hills plastic surgeons. Dr. Cat is also a cast member of the TV Show Dr. 90210 on E! and the founder of the luxury skincare brand MD GLAM.

Challenge & Solution

The Challenge

A website is a reflection of the business it tries to promote. As such, Dr. Cat's website had to match her work and her commitment to excellence. It had to be pixel-perfect, organize a massive amount of information in an easy-to-follow structure, and be aesthetically in line with Dr. Cat's practice.

The Solution

Such websites could not and should not use stock photos. Therefore, Artistic photography was the start. We then built the color scheme and design elements based on the quality of photos we got. Close interaction with Dr. Cat's team was essential in keeping the design and features in line with the practice. As a result, we won the 2021 Web Excellence Awards in Beauty and Cosmetics category!

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