iDNS Scam “Domain Name Expiration Notice”

Our clients often ask us what they should do with the letter they just got from a company called Internet Domain Name Services, or iDNS, about their domain name renewal notice. Our answer is always the same: it’s a scam!

A simple search will show many posts describing the iDNS scam this is and how people have reacted to the letter they get from the company. But here is a shortlist:

  1. It’s a notice that appears legitimate, stating that your domain name will expire if you don’t act soon and send them money.
  2. This is not a simple renewal. It is asking you to transfer your domain name from your existing registrar to them. You will pay $45 per year for a name that you probably pay $15!
  3. What should you do? Nothing. Your own legitimate registrar will contact you when it’s time to renew and for a fraction of the cost.

Still in doubt? Check their Better Business Bureau page!