How Not to Get Hacked and What to Do When You Are

At Olibro, we take the security of your website very seriously. In fact, it is a central element of our Managed WordPress plan. We believe prevention is the best safeguard and have several levels of protection, including the server firewall and  Wordfence’s endpoint firewall.

Prevention is the best safeguard

  1. Keep WordPress, Plugins, and Themes up to date. A lot of these updates are security patches.
  2. Keep Multiple Backups. Keep them as fresh as possible and keep them somewhere other than your live server.
  3. Use the Wordfence Plugin. Wordfence is an Endpoint firewall with Web Application Firewall, security scanner, and threat defense feed.
  4. Install SSL on your website. SSL impacts SEO and protects users against Man in the Middle attacks.
  5. Host and maintain your website on a secure and reliable hosting company.

If your website has been hacked

  1. Call Olibro before changing anything on your website, let us check your website and find out what happened.
  2. Point your Domain to a static “We will be Back Soon” page.
  3. Change the passwords for WordPress, FTP, Cpanel (Or any Hosting Panel), and SSH accounts.
  4. Check the status of your backups.
  5. Check your website using Google’s Safe Browsing Checker.